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Mindful Pause: Mindfulness In Everyday Life

Mindfulness is a way of being, and we get better at it as we practice it.

First, let's put this in context. We see mindfulness and spirit as part of normal human experience – – the opposite of being ‘out there’, out of our reach. So we want to break free from obscure mystical or philosophical language that results in confusion and disempowerment. Making things clear, concrete and experiential is reassuring and inviting.

For us, ‘mindfulness’ essentially means being ‘mindful’ as opposed to ‘mindless’. In other words, we see ‘mindfulness’ as the quality of our engagement with the world. It involves our whole being, body awareness and emotions as well as intellect. See our definition of mindfulness.

In regard to ‘spirit’: We are not comfortable with defining ‘spirit’ as what ‘animates’ matter. Nor are we comfortable with the many developments of this idea into religious dogma. We take ’spirit’ in a broader sense: It refers to the human experience of sensing ourselves as part of a larger, alive and flowing whole. We see this as a valuable part of our genetic heritage, an important component of what it’s like to be human.

In a more mundane way, ‘spirit’ also conveys a sense we have of our inner life force, of what drives us to do what we do, a felt sense of meaning and purpose. So this journey is a quest for wisdom, the wisdom that accrues as we are open to learning from experience.

The following insights may help foster your ability to engage with the world in a more proactive and mindful way. See also: Mindful Practices & Mindfulness Exercises.


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