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Mindful Pause: Proactive mindfulness exercises & practices

How can we be more mindful in our everyday lives? There are many mindfulness exercises and mindful practices on this site.

Mindfulness exercises

One-minute mindfulness exercise: Embodied mindful pause, to get a grip

Coming back to our senses

Embodied Presence

Mindful Breathing for Couples

Mindful Eating

Mindful Witness role in action

Mindful Listening Partnership and F A Q

When triggered, pause

Bodyfulness & felt sense: A mindful inner exploration


Meditation & Focusing

Demystifying meditation: Think of it as a mindful pause

How to let go of thoughts & clear your mind

Focusing as a mindfulness practice


Everyday mindfulness practices

3 mindful steps to make successful new year's resolutions

New year's resolutions: Take the 3-day Challenge To Be What You Need

How to silence the inner critic, defeat negative self talk

Life & Work balance: A "Whole Life" approach

Proactive time management: How to get organized at work

Stages of Change model: Diclemente, Norcross & Prochaska's theory


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2018 Mindful Pause / Proactive Mindfulness
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