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Mindful Listening Partnership (5-minute video)

If you want to hear yourself think, it's very helpful to be listened to: The following 5-minute video outlines how to have a mindful listening partnership.


The above was developed in collaboration with Beatrice Blake. See also:
- Frequently Asked Questions about Mindful Listening Partmership.
- Video conversation with Beatrice Blake: “Want to think out of the box? Enter a Mindful Listening Partnership”.

The Mindful Listening Partnership is based on the principles of Focusing and Thinking At the Edge (TAE). We encourage you to start exploring this approach in a playful way, right away, without much theory. Once you experience how naturally this process works, you may want to find out more. For information on Focusing, sessions with a Focusing trainer, as well as workshops and trainings, visit the Focusing Institute’s website.

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