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Mindful Pause: Mindfulness exercises for everyday life

How can we be more mindful in our everyday lives? There are many mindfulness exercises and mindful practices on this site.

Mindfulness exercises

Coming back to our senses

Embodied Presence

Mindful Breathing for Couples

Mindful Eating

Mindful Witness role in action

Mindful Listening Partnership and F A Q

Bodyfulness & felt sense: A mindful inner exploration

Body mindfulness exercise: One-minute mindful pause, to get a grip

Patty Cake: Nonverbal communication for couples

When triggered, take a mindful pause


Meditation & Focusing

Demystifying meditation: Think of it as a mindful pause

How to let go of thoughts & clear your mind

Focusing as a mindfulness practice


Everyday mindfulness practices

3 mindful steps to make successful new year's resolutions

New year's resolutions: Take the 3-day Challenge To Be What You Need

How to silence the inner critic, defeat negative self talk

Life & Work balance: A "Whole Life" approach

Proactive time management: How to get organized at work

Stages of Change model: Diclemente, Norcross & Prochaska's theory


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mindfulness exercises

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