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A friend describes a mindful game:

I walk into a room and feel...

What’s happening?
Who/What draws?
What does something want?
Where does my attention go?

I sit on the edge of the ’this or that’, sometimes the most ragged edge... And stay a while.

Whatever comes is the dance.

When it feels right, I approach what draws, or let it approach me.
We seem to ’try each other on’…
The unfolding happens.

Sometimes it's a ricochet ping pong clangy kind of connection….
With waves of energies from all angles.

Sometimes a lunar lullaby of soft swayings.

And then, a sense of expansion.
And for a split second (or a 1000 years?)

There’s a floating.
The Full Void.

When I play the game alone…
The ‘rule’ is: “What happens JUST before the next ‘_________' ?

Do I feel the nano pulses inside the inbetween-ness-es?
Maybe become them?

As in: Watching the rain drop fill itself on the grape leaf….
Stay where it hovers and shimmers ….
Right before the fall.

How is it for you to let yourself be inspired by this?

Mindfulness exercises

mindfulness exercises

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