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A Mindful Pause: Proactive Mindfulness Quotes & Thoughts

These illustrated quotes and thoughts are a starting point, an invitation to explore what comes up for you when you listen to what is stirred up inside. When you are curious, not just about "what it means', but also about the felt sense it evokes for you, however murky it might be at first. Click on any one to see it full size.

zen clarity

Zen clarity

From mindless to mindful: The pause as a defining moment


Listening: A deep sense of connection

Be the person your dog thinks you are

Take a scientist's attitude toward life: Experiment!

proactive reactive

Proactive vs reactive

Rumi quotes

positive thinking

Positive thinking is a proactive choice

Midlife Mirror

Time Management: Defrad Your Time, Fragment Your Tasks

"Know Thyself" is an invitation to...

We Act

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